Roy is a coin, RPI is a Paper money?

Roy is a coin, RPI is a Paper money?

RPI uses TronLink wallet with TRC20 token. The TronLink wallet can be installed and used on an application or PC. There are a lot of installation instructions on YouTube. It is also on our website (https://roycoin.co.kr/?p=1392). 
The value of the RPI is 100 times that of Roy. Of course, prices may fluctuate depending on the market after listing. Currently, Roy is listed on the HTMLBUNKER exchange located in Brazil. 
If Roy is a coin, RPI can be seen as a bill concept. As can be seen from the difference in issuance, the total supply of Roy is 700 million and The total supply of RPI is 7 million. 700,000,000: 7,000,000
I’m working on how to exchange coins, Roy, for paper money, RPI. 
RPI is listed on JustSwap and can be obtained by exchanging with other coins. RPI-TRON pool is provided, so you can also collect through staking. 

Please refer to the website for details. Take good care of your health. 
Thank you for using our BINUPIA generously for a long time.^^

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